:: Last year, when I opened my window on May 12, I smelled lilacs. Mmmm. This year, my whole world is the heady combined scent of roses, jasmine, and orange blossoms. Intoxicating.

:: Jameson is very attentive to details. When he opens a door to leave a room, he makes sure to close it behind him. When he moves a chair to reach the ball under the table, he slides it back into place when he’s done. And he always sets his cup back in the spot he found it — to the top right of his dish. This makes me happy.

:: He is, however, naturally opposed to doing chores for his mother. (Can you imagine?) I’ll just admit, right up front, that I usually crack up when he dumps my slippers around the corner (out of my sight) rather than bringing them all the way into my bedroom. So overtly Adamic! Yup, I laugh.

:: I’ve tried to simplify my goals and priorities for these tired pregnancy days (which will eventually lead to insanely exhausted mother of a newborn and toddler days). It was pretty easy: Meals, laundry, exercise, time with Jameson, worship. But the trouble is that, well, I get bored. After about 1/2 a day. I want new priorities, please. How about: reading, napping, laying in the grass watching clouds, and snuggling with a wonderful baby boy. Those sound like good daily chores, don’t you think?

:: Julia’s demo is the soundtrack for breakfast and lunch, more often than not. And without fail, when Lone Hour begins, Jameson immediately starts rockin’ out. He just can’t get enough of that song.

:: Mother’s Day was wonderful. Mostly, giving a certain day a fancy name like that just makes me pause and feel thankful for time spent with Ryan and Jameson, my little family. I’m thankful for that often, but not often enough. Being with them is about as good as it gets, I think.

:: I’ll be back “home” soon. I’ll enjoy my favorite season in my favorite place. I wake up imagining that I can smell the dirt and grass and humidity that has long been my favorite fragrance: summertime in the North Country. It’s better than even rose-jasmine-orange blossom fragrance… although, truthfully, it’s a close call.


  1. Cassandra

    Thank you for your encouraging words you left at my blog, EXACTLY what I need to hear. Those boosters of faith and encoragement are truly a blessing. I will look into that book. I think I would do really well with a homebirth, but because of our state laws…humph. The ideas though are ones I can carry with me!

    I smiled when I read what Ryan said about the baby tickers. They do look a bit cheesy, which is why I “tried one on” on my template…and then deleted it. Then tried a different one on, and my 4 year old spotted it and loved it. It also helps keep the days straight in my head.

    and can I say jasmine, orange, and rose scented air?!? My goodness, blow a little this way would you?

  2. Janice Leverenz (ebel)

    Hey, I am so happy to be able to read the wonderful musings of the Sinclair extensions!

    We haven’t had internet in FOREVER, (actually, I am currently bumming it from a neighbor, while we wait to set up our aircard…) But, I have looked forward to getting in touch with everyone!

    I just wanted to mention that I had to laugh when you talked about Jameson’s attention to detail, sounds just like Gideon. :)If I change something in the house, he notices it right away, (evident by the infamous pointing and babbling) where as Mark will have to be asked if he likes the change, and then he replies “Oh, yeah, I didn’t even notice it… it looks good.” The thing that gets me about Gideon noticing such a thing as a lantern hanging in a different corner, is that he pays no attention to something out of place, such as mess… like a pile of laundry of the sofa… so odd. :)


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