less than a week

I’m in countdown mode: six days till Jameson and I board [yet another] plane and head to northern New York.

I probably don’t have to share with you that I’m a wee bit nervous about flying, but well, I am. So you can pray the flight goes well. I’m trying to have a good attitude and hope for the best… and as a backup plan, I’m trying to have a “Mom” attitude and think of what an adventure this will be. This will be my first flight with a weaned, walking, energetic toddler. I’m, well, uh, nervous. But trying not to be. We’ll be fine. (We may also be the people that all the young professional males roll their eyes at, and will complain about that night to their peers while they hang out at some swank club, far away from all children. Oh well. They were kids once, too.)

Anyway, it’s less than six days. I’ve made lists of things to purchase, loose ends to tie up (or, in my case, clip off — I have a bad habit of throwing a pair of pants on Jameson before I’ve trimmed all of the threads), and am now entering clean-cook-and-pack mode.

I’m also entering clean-the-guest-room mode, because Mark is coming for the few days before I leave. How fun will that be? Of course, we’ll all catch up a bit, and it will hit me (again) that we’re like 15 years removed from wearing braces and Suzuki violin and are rounding the bend to 30. I can sort of forget that fact until I’m with someone who I think should be a teenager like me, and they’re not. (Which means that I’m not, either.)

So clean out the fridge, cook up some food, change a few beds, and throw everything we own for the summer into a few bags (and hope they don’t weigh too much), and then we’re off.

Off to see moms and dads and Jedi knights and blonde princesses, red-headed babies and their mamas, sisters and friends and church and corn fields. Yeah. I miss the corn fields.

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  1. Keila

    You’ll do great on the plane! Just ignore all the rolled eyes and impeccable suits and pray (I know, it’s not fair, but I always do) that there will be more children on the plane and they will not be as well behaved as yours! he,he,he… and have lots of fun back home!
    love you!!!

  2. Lore

    glad to know the corn fields rate an “i miss…” the rest of us are just an added bonus, huh?

    so. yeah. can’t wait to see you. and the beautiful boy. and your bump. him/her too.

  3. Judy T.

    I can’t wait to see you! We can sit on my front porch, drink lemonade, and you can look at all the corn fields you want!
    Jude :-)

  4. Lori

    We flew with the kids in March and we found interesting travelers with children who were fun to talk to. You will find the same!

  5. Ryan

    @Bri: Is that true? Danica? I think I had pretty much settled on Jameson being Jameson. (If that makes sense!) But I am SO SURE that this is a girl.

    Believe me now, or believe me later one!!!

  6. Danica

    @Ry: Yeah, for the most part, you thought Jameson was a girl. Until towards the end, when you suddenly knew it was a boy. So I’m going to wait a little longer before I count your hunch as certain indication either way. :)

  7. Katie

    You’re coming to NY?? Where are you flying into? Probably not Ra-chaha huh? ;-)

    How long will you be in NY? Is it just family time and wrong to think that maybe we could plan something for Brietta and I to finally meet so that you, me and Bri could hang out?

  8. Danica

    @Katie: Actually, I am flying into Rochester, crazy as that sounds. It was the earliest flight schedule, and even with the drive home, I’ll get home sooner than if I’d flown into something really close to Madrid, like Syracuse. ;)

    I’ll be in NY for a bit over a month. I definitely will try to keep it as “family” as I can but maybe we could plan something…. that sounds like fun!


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