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We had a busy weekend full of Potsdam Festival, cousins coming to play all day, a shortage of naps, and evenings with just two special boys.

(After their bath, enjoying marshmallows and a viewing of Lawrence Welk — the Saturday evening tradition growing up, which I was happy to introduce to Merrick and my little man.)

And yesterday, both Carina and I finally got up the nerve (fueled by boredom on my part) to really cut my hair. Of course, anyone who knew me when I was 15 knows this isn’t that short, but it will do for now. After growing my hair out for three years, living through awkward afro stages and generally looking like a total hippie, I’ve been hesitant to do much more than trim it. But you know, you gotta live a little. I’m sure someday I’ll want to grow it all back out, but I’ll cross those awkward afro bridges when I get there. :)

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  1. Angela S.

    Being a total fan of your hair I gulped before clicking the link. But I must say, WOW! It does look great! FUN! And totally perfect for your face/head. We need more Carinas to disperse throughout the world for giving fine, appropriate haircuts and styles! So, can you mail me a lock of your beautiful red curls? I’m serious! DEAD SERIOUS!

  2. Melisa

    Your hair looks awesome Danica! When did your little brother start looking like such a handsome young man anyway…:)

  3. diane

    I love love love your hair! That Carina! She ought to use your pic as an ad in her shop! I WANT MY HAIR CUT!! Just like that. Only I have Diane hair, not Danica hair :-( But I still might give it a shot anyhow. Yea, the cool, the clean, the free, the fresh!
    So, stop and show me in person!!!


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