“mom” days

There have been moments in the last two years when I feel like a “real” mom. Usually it’s when I’m in the middle of something that I so clearly remember my own mother doing.

Yesterday was one of those days. I suddenly decided to totally rearrange bedrooms. This included moving queen sized beds, dresses, disassembling a crib, removing a door, etc — all while very pregnant, and with only an excited toddler to help. The most enjoyable part of it all, including even the outcome, was thinking about how many times I’d seen my own big-bellied mama hauling dressers up and down the stairs, while we little people jumped around (in her way, under her feet) with excitement about something “new”.

Of course, last night my body ached so much that I literally couldn’t even fall asleep. (How frustrating; after dreaming about laying down all day long, I couldn’t even enjoy the moment!) Ryan suggested that after three long days of deep cleaning and rearranging, I take a down day. Rest this body, give a little attention to the baby inside, relax. Do something fun.

So I slept in a bit.

And then I made chocolate chip scones.

I lit a candle, turned on Diana Krall, and am having a lovely little breakfast with my favorite buddy (who thinks chocolate chips for breakfast is about as good as it gets!) He’s making me laugh, imitating the squirrels we see out the window. I think later I’ll go grocery shopping, tidy things up a bit, maybe walk to the playground — and generally resist the urge to delve into the last room waiting for an overhaul.

(Now he’s making me laugh with his little head-bops, closing his eyes when he’s really getting into the music. Who taught him this stuff? What a ham…)

4 Comments “mom” days

  1. brietta

    I’m almost sure I’ve moved more furniture when very pregnant than not. Must be something about the hormones that inspire re-arranging! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your day off!

  2. darlenesinclair

    So are there any photos forthcoming of this change? Can’t wait to see it all! I love your little house!

  3. nana nene

    what a ham indeed, hmmm, I wonder where he gets that stuff – oh yes I remember a little guy at my table doing very much the same thing. I think that apple did not fall far from that tree (or some such silly saying) I sure can see Ryan in that beautiful little boy. love you all nana nene.


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