maybe, just maybe, this guy knows something.

I would certainly hope that you’re all subscribed to Randy Alcorn’s blog by now. But, just in case you’re not:

“Now, my question to those prolife Christians who claim there will ultimately be fewer abortions if Obama is elected than if McCain is elected is this: what do you know that those most dedicated to defending abortion rights AND those most committed to fighting abortion do not know?

Why are all of us who haven’t just casually said “I’m prolife” but have been dedicated to the prolife cause for decades, and yes I am one of them, saying that we should vote for a prolife presidential candidate and not the most proabortion candidate in our history? Why is every proabortion group, without exception, campaigning fiercely for Barack Obama? Is it possible that all of us who have given our lives to the abortion issue, both for it AND against it, know something you don’t know?[read post in entirety]

4 Comments maybe, just maybe, this guy knows something.

  1. nancy

    the startling image of Obama receiving wild applause while speaking in front of the Planned Parenthood logo, the very logo that I have picketed, interceded, and wept in front of… has struck me to the very core.

    Lord, wake this nation!


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