it’s not over

If I heard it once yesterday, I heard it a hundred times: “Boy am I glad the election is over. On to life as usual!”

I certainly enjoyed an evening of turning off the TV and shutting the cupboard doors. Thanks Greta, thanks Bill, but I could care less right now about a recount in Missouri. I need a break.

But actually, it’s not over. Not at all.

Because as Mom reminded us this morning, this man has a promised agenda. After months of prayer and passion and proclamation, it’s not time to quiet down; it’s only just begun.

Jackie shares a link where we can make our voice heard in regards to the promised FOCA. Let’s be heard.

As for upping the ante in our daily lives, here’s Randy’s suggestions for how to help unborn and their mothers.

And most of all, it’s time to pray. Pray for repentance, for mercy, for life. And as Mom also reminds me, we can pray for those things with confidence, for as much as God is committed to meting out justice, He also loves mercy.

And we surely need mercy.

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