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i’m cute.

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  1. Andrea

    hey danica- i’m one of those “silent” readers, been keeping up on you and your beautiful family! i thought i’d drop a line and mention that my little girl was born a day after (if i’m correct) your boy! we had madeleine on the 22nd. :) i’m enjoying hearing your thoughts in these first few weeks as i’m experiencing all of this for the first time. i figured maybe now was a logical time to come out of “silence” and say hi… that’s all :)

  2. nana nene

    Danica I read with great interest your most recent blog/ first of all yes he is sooo cute. and I believe you finally have realized that you do not have to do it all/ I am sure that your mom realized that such a long time ago. I think with one child we have that ability and thought that we must have things a special way and I never could guess what it must be like for someone staying home with their children all day. Many of us never had that pleasure. I was lucky enough,to have my mom do many of the child loving chores while I was at the hospital working when Ry was born. Your mom was blessed to be able to be home always, and after child # 2 probably realized the chores got done when time allowed. I believe she still must realize how blessed she is to have that time with you and get home to have all the chores completed and children schooled and meals done. Not many mothers have that ability. Life is great, just relax and enjoy don’t compete. love to you all.


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