Recently, Jameson has gotten really into cuddling with the special “blanket” that Mama made for him. Naptime, reading time, bedtime… he likes to have his quilt. You can imagine how much I love that he loves it. And how quickly I decided that William would have a quilt.

But I don’t have any money for a quilt. They cost money, you know. Fabric isn’t free, unfortunately. What to do?

I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of weeks, and then yesterday, I suddenly knew what I would make and was actually excited about it.

So this morning, when Ryan took Jameson out for a bit, I tucked William in his wrap and got started.

The best, best part? It’s all from scraps and old shirts. All of it.

I’m thankful.

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  1. Keila

    You are so gifted with fabric and thread!!! I would never think (or accomplish) something as beautiful as that. I know you may think of it as easy and simple, but I was setting up the basket for the baby and realizing I couldn’t possibly replicate the sheets & little bumper you made for it when Adriana was born. So, since I don’t have such a gift, I am so grateful that I’ve gotten to enjoy yours!!!

  2. Angela S.

    Freecycle is a great source of free fabric. I constantly find myself with junk fabric I’m ready to get rid of, and people are constantly offering it. But shirts do sound like more fun, because you can remember the person who wore it when you see it in the quilt! Very thrifty. :-)

  3. Mary

    You are a talented young woman, indeed! Would you consider writing an article on momandus.com on the art of quilting, including tips on measuring, placement, getting seams just right, etc.? I need all the advice I can get- it’s been over 10 years since I made a quilt and I’ve been anxious to make one for each of my little lovies. :-)

  4. Danica

    @Mary: I’ll do my best! I’m soooo far from a pro. I don’t know much, actually! But I’d be more than happy to pass on the things I’ve learned and read as I’ve tried to teach myself.


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