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This morning started with a bang. I awoke to a mountain of parmesan cheese spilled on my dining room floor, compliments of my mischievous Jameson. Before I even had time to think about a vacuum cleaner, the same little imp had managed to pour our entire Brita pitcher all over the floor. …at which point Daddy took him into the bathroom to discuss his disobedience when poor Ry discovered an absolutely awful diaper. Of course, dads are not terribly in the habit of dealing with such things, and so it managed to get much worse before it got better.

Okay. Right. What was I doing? Ah yes. The cheese.

Scratch that. William’s crying.

All before we’ve rubbed the sleep from our eyes.

Hey, you just gotta laugh.


Some things make me feel that, for sure, this kid is a boy. Lately he’s been doing little things that I just love. He’s not just a baby; he’s a little boy! Things like, for the first time, eating his toast and deciding that it looks like a gun, so bang bang! Or discovering that most of his pants have pockets — and we know how totally absolutely unmistakeably cool a boy with his hands in his pockets is! (Or at least, how cool he feels!) Or suddenly launching into this crazy flipping-kicking-falling-spinning routine that you realize you’re supposed to be really impressed by, because he’s showing you his moves. (The guns and the cool moves are totally just boy things, because the poor kid doesn’t watch anything “cooler” than Winnie the Pooh!) And then yesterday he found a pair of tall, thick socks in my closet and proceeded to put them on like gloves, pull them all the way up his arms, and then just wandered around the house touching everything (pretending something. I’m just not sure what.)

I love it!

He’s also hit his 2 year old stride in the last week and a half. If you know what I mean. Those episodes will be humorous in the future. That’s what I keep telling myself!


Is so smooshy! But for growing so much, he sure is a messy eater. There’s milk everywhere when he nurses! He hasn’t spit up much, but I had to laugh today when I was holding him against me and burping him — and he suddenly spit up a ton, right down my shirt! At least his outfit is still clean!!

Okay. More later!

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  1. Ryan

    “I love it and can’t wait! Hooray!!”

    @Darlene: Unless of course it happens when the two of you are on the plane!

  2. Ryan

    Wait a second…the part she’s leaving out is I called for Danica, “Babe, come quick I need help.” To which she walked in and started gagging. “Just leave the diaper on the floor and I’ll deal with it later.”

    …and so I, being the champ I am, had to take him into the shower to clean him off.

    I get mad points this month; you girls should start a dad of the month club. (…of course I’d have to wait a month as DP has an award or two coming his way.)

  3. Kristin

    Were you this calm and well-adjusted as a new mama or is this experience talking? Because – oh my word – it took me a LONG time to gain even a glimpse of this perspective!

  4. Judy T.

    It does make for “interesting” days when the two year boy hits his “stride” just as you welcome in the new baby brother~I completely understand. Really I do!! :-)
    Keep up the great job! What blessed boys to have YOU as a mama!
    Love you,

  5. Angela S.

    When Seth nursed lying down on his right side the milk would pump out his nostrils. We had no idea why! It took several morning waking up in a puddle to figure it out. He eventually outgrew the quirk.

    Glad you’re laughing. I have to learn how to do that more.

  6. Danica

    @Angela: “learn”. That’s the trick, isn’t it? To keep learning. Trying. Just making yourself relax your shoulders and say, “hey. whatever!”

  7. nana nene

    I’ve told this story before, but when Ryan turned 2 he was in a big boy bed and able to get up in the morning and go to the bathroom, usually coming to get me after. However one morning I heard him and noticed he did not come for me. About 15 min went by and I found him sitting on the kitchen floor with the refrig door open and he was covered with cool whip as was the floor, the refrig and everything around him. I guess I never thought of it as something needing scolding just a good laugh.


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