could i borrow…

I’m flying into New York on Wednesday. (Yay!)

I’m in need of two things:

— An infant carseat. This I need for our ride home from the airport on Wednesday, so if you have one to lend, could you get it to my parents by Sunday?

— A pair of snow boots, size(ish) 9, for Jameson. I say “ish” because, you know, there’s nothing an extra pair of socks can’t overcome when it comes to snow boots. Jameson is soooo excited about snow, by the way. He can’t wait to go sledding “whee!” down the hill with Papa and Uncle Daniel.

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  1. brietta

    I have an infant carseat that’s not being used. The handle is pretty gummy, but it doesn’t expire for another year so at least it’s functioning. :) Mom will have to get it from my house on her own, though, since we won’t be back until Monday. I’ll talk to her about tomorrow when I call home.

    As far as the second thing goes, I’m afraid the boots we have in that size range (I think they’re 8s– Jameson must have good-sized feet!) are being used by Jackson this year. Sorry… :(

  2. Ryan

    “He can’t wait to go sledding “whee!” down the hill with Papa and Uncle Daniel.”

    …deep envy and sadness fills my heart!

    …in due time my boy, daddy will be there…in due time.

  3. Tarah

    It sounds like you sis had a car seat but if that doesn’t work out I have one you could barrow too. I live in avon (just outside rochester) I’m good friends with the Levendusky’s. My daughter is 15 months and she’s the only one that has used it so it’s in great shape.


    email me if you think you’ll need it!

  4. Tarah

    just realized that today is Wednesday so you probably won’t get this till later and hopefully you have what you need. so I hope you enjoy your time with your family. God bless.



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