Today is a special day.

Ryan took Jameson to church and left me behind with William. (He pulled his “I’m the head” card and told me I needed rest more than I needed to go to church. My delicate emotional status corroborated with his story, so I submitted.)

As days often do when there’s a spontaneous personality involved, the two hours of church have morphed into a full-blown day with Daddy, including dining out, carousel rides, and an old locomotive.

Meanwhile, I’ve had my own special day with William. I bathed him without the pressure of wondering what the toddler was up to. I rubbed lotion into his dry baby skin (poor thing.) We took a walk. I laid next to him on the floor and we “talked”. He dozed in my arms several times before committing to a nap, which was fine with me. How often have I had hours and hours to just snuggle this newest bundle? (I haven’t since my mom left!) So I snuggled. And kissed. And touched his smooshy cheeks. And smiled at him, with the happy reward of a small baby smile in return.

My big boy is bonding with his bestest of friends (daddy.) And I’m bonding with my newest of loves (William.)

That’s a special day.

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  1. sarah o.

    Steven and I both laughed about you watching only parts of Bleak House. I can understand how you might not realize it though. We were quite confused for a while… We are to the third disc now. I think you might like it a lot more if you watched it in it’s entirety. Maybe over the holidays..

    Your little boys are so adorable. Glad you got a day just to snuggle with William.


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