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Life with Jameson

Life with Jameson has had its fair share of challenges, as he exerts a bit more opinion, a bit more will, a bit more Adamic nature. (Ah, yes. Sorry, kid. No fun.)

But it’s also been sweeter than ever. He’s a joy…

  • When he runs, his feet barely touch the ground. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • When we cross the street, he waves the orange flag madly and waves to all the cars. He thinks it’s a parade, and that he’s the star. You are, son, to me.
  • When he watches Peter Pan, his eyes are huge, his face beaming.
  • When he goes to bed, he runs to me with his lips puckered for a kiss. He never forgets.
  • When we sit down for dinner, he’ll say, “Mmmm, thanks, Mom!”
  • When I cook, he “helps.” And it all takes forever, but it’s so much more fun.
  • When I’m overwhelmed by something and need to pray, he’ll hold my hand and pray with me. Always.

I love him. To pieces.

…And in Pictures

This is him watching the men mowing our lawn, which he loves. He’s so focused!

And this is him posing with a birthday gift we made this week for a little girl. He loves to say, “Cheese!”, but I’m wondering how many years it will be before I’ll be able to capture a real smile on film again.

smile option #1:

smile option #2:

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