love: what we do

My awesome and supportive friend, who has no children, sent me a link to an entertaining article.

Now I’m sending it your way. (Read it; the rest of my post won’t make sense until you do. It’s short!)

‘kay. Done?

That article was just what I needed. You know why? Because sometimes I’m the one asking the questions that, ahem, “friend” asked. Why don’t I have 5 minutes for an email? Why do working women work and keep up with the same chores I struggle to maintain? How is it that, at the end of so many days, I look around and realize I’m exhausted from working all day and yet, somehow, nothing got done? What’s wrong with me???…

Thank you, Carolyn Hax, for telling that woman what’s up. And thank you for reminding me of what I do all day.

That it’s not nothing.

That I am the center of the world to two little boys.

That the only reason they’re dressed, fed, bathed, hugged, rested, and read to is because I’m here. Doing all of those things. In between my to-dos. (And sometimes instead of my to-dos.)

I didn’t get nothing done. At the end of the day, I linger at the bedside of toddler, adoring his sweet face, wondering what he dreams of. A surge of love fills my heart when I slip into bed beside a little infant, his fingers curled around the edge of the blanket, his cheeks flushed with sleep.

And I remember: I loved today. What a privilege.

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  1. susan

    Amen! You just have different priorities, who happen to consume all your energy. And no, you can’t often tick off from a list all the intrinsic, unseen deposits you are making into their lives. That’s part of the adventure of this particular season that you are in. I for one, am glad I had the privilege of doing the same.

  2. Lore

    See? This is what you would get all the time if you would just read my shared items on google-reader. I wouldn’t have to take the time to send you a link…

    Just saying is all…

    And also. I like your boys.

  3. Dottie

    What a privilege indeed!!! And, as I always say, what a blessing to have a husband who understands the IMPORTANCE of being “there” with those 2 little boys!! Hats off to Ryan!! Your children will tell you later (as mine did and still do) how much they appreciated you being home with them…… available for their every need. Ya’ can’t trade being home with those babies for anything in this world!! Keep up the good work, Danica!!


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