a smile to love

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  1. liz daniels

    so this is one of ryan’s baby pictures, right? kidding. wow, those dunphey genes are strong. what a cutey – i love those dimples. gabriel was weighed last night in the process of the evening’s events and he was 19lb 6oz – i bet william is going to pass him by in no time! you said he’s 18lbs right?

  2. Angela S.

    I saw that picture in the flickr sidebar first and thought immediately, “He looks VERY familiar!” Oh yeah, Ryan. Ryan BIG TIME! Up until now I couldn’t figure out who William looked like. Well… LOL! Now we have it!

  3. brietta

    I gotta agree with most everyone else. I mean, I can see the Sinclair in him because I’m looking for it, but at first glance there’s no doubt about it: the Dunphey genes run strong!


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