[more thoughts on] coveting

When you think coveting, don’t you mostly thing of struggling with wanting more stuff?

So isn’t the answer to want less stuff?

No, I don’t think it is. (Although my pendulum-swinging, Pharisaical self-correcting human nature would like it to be.)

Truth is, although occasionally I’ll find myself coveting better landscaping, nicer furniture, more money, my daily struggle is with coveting less.

Isn’t that silly?

But it’s true.

You can be just as discontent wanting a simpler life as you can be wanting a more plush existence. If you’re like me, you might find yourself coveting things like a one room Little House in the Big Woods of Wisconsin — or something [admittedly silly] like that.

The point of this “thou shalt not covet” thing is simply this: wanting God, wanting His will — and being satisfied by Him and only Him. And of course, that doesn’t boil down to a simple formula of how many bedrooms you should or shouldn’t have in your house, or how much is too much to spend on a car. It’s about constantly, every day, purposing to worship Christ alone and delight in doing His will.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Absolutely true. Coveting the glitzy, big stuff isn’t all there is to it! We are pretty apt to grumble and covet even if diamonds mean nothing to us. It might be someone’s health, marriage, or children. Maybe their education, childhood life, etc. Oh, we human types can be soooo discontent!

  2. sam

    So very true! Thanks for a great reminder as I continually struggle to be content where God has placed me for this season.

  3. sarah o.

    Good thoughts. It’s funny how I can sing a song like “All I want is You”, when in reality I am saying “You and…” that new thing, or Kate to do this, or my hair to be this way.
    Thanks for reminding me to want only Him!

  4. Gina

    what a wonderful revelation. hmmm…i could say now that I have had those same thoughts at times. thanks for sharing.

  5. Jacqui

    *Big heavy sigh* Relieved. That I can be content … with not enough … with too much … with what I have and who He has made me. Thanks D.


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