jameson and william

Jameson goes to see the Red Sox.

elated and ready to roll!

the revered Sox.

the enraptured fan.

saying “cheese!” in the wrong direction. (i love it!!)

they love each other.

the ride home.

William has two teeth.

…which you can’t see in any of these pictures. I just wrote that so I’d have it recorded somewhere that his first tooth came in on the 10th, the second on the 12th.


still chubby.

what he actually looks like most of the time.

this one’s for the feet. i love those chubby toes!!

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  1. jmdunphey

    I am so excited to see these babies – it is after midnight and I cannot sleep what a delight to be able to look at them. Love the fact that Jameson had his day w dad. I will hopefully get pictures next week. mom

  2. Deb

    Awwwww! I like that you said ‘this is what William looks like most of the time’ – that’s Caleb, too (and his daddy before him!)


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