six months

Yesterday was a baby milestone: William is now 6 months old.

And I’m sort of typing this as quickly as possible so I can not really think about it. Because I’m a little bit sad about him being that old. About Jameson being 5 months away from turning 3. About all of it. A little bit frustrated that I have to clean the kitchen while my baby is growing up. Why can’t we just snuggle forever?


I remind myself: They were born to be men. The fact that I have them as sweet babies for even a short time is a privilege.

william, day 2:

william, month 6:

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  1. Dottie

    The most beautiful crystal blue eyes I have ever seen!! Jameson’s are beautiful, too! Blessings as you enjoy these precious moments the Lord gives us with our children. They are “precious” because they go by so fast! Keep up that wonderful “mothering” you do, Danica! It’s wonderful to hear how much you seek and rely on the Lord……for that is where your true “Wisdom” will come from!! (and, might I add….you are a beautiful example, testimony and encouragement to many other young mothers, I’m sure!)


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