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Sarah, part three:

Submission is not a crazy idea someone had back in the Stone Age (as if there was such a thing…) God Himself has ordained this authority thing, and has chosen to execute His plan for our lives through it. Yes, God’s plan for your life will come to pass as you embrace His call to follow and place yourself under the authorities in your life. Honestly, submission is really about obedience to God. It might seem crazy at times. (Or insane; ask Sarah!) But the question God is asking us is, Will you obey me in this? Why would God promise to lead and guide us and then tell us to submit unless He planned on guiding us through the structure of authority? God will not contradict himself; there is no way true joy for you lies in disobedience, and there’s no way His plan includes rebellion. (more)

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  1. AngelaSundara...etc

    What’s a woman to do when she’s been “burned” because of the chain of command being abused or carelessly, half-hazardly misused? How does all the pain fit in with God’s plan? When the results almost kill a woman, how can it be genuine joy to return to such obedience?

  2. Danica

    Angela: It’s a bit hard to respond to your comment, not knowing exactly what situation you’re referring to. However, such questions definitely rolled around in my head as I typed out this post. Here’s my $0.02:

    When I write things like the above post, I’m not pretending to think that we live in a perfect world where all of this will be perfectly applied. Hardly. What I am doing is digging into the Word and asking, How does He intend this to look, and what bedrock principles do I need to cling to as Truth?

    When I decide that it’s God’s perfect plan for a woman to be protected and blessed through authority, I let that truth inform my responses to the garbage that is thrown my way. When I get hurt, I don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and decide I’m going to jump on the Liberated Woman Bandwagon. I’m going to possibly have to make hard decisions, things that don’t feel good, and that require trust. And the lens through which I see my situation is going to be the Word, not my feelings.

    How does the pain fit in with God’s plan? Hmmm. I bet we all know the answer to that one, like it or not: We can’t know exactly as we’re going through it. We might never know it in this life. We do know Romans 8:28, and Romans 8:38. Those are good, good things to know.

    And genuine joy does not equal tripping through tulips, which I tend to confuse quite often (daily?…) A believer finds genuine joy in clinging to the Word when they’ve made choice after choice to fear and revere and love the Lord, and to delight in His will, no matter how hard. When they’ve cultivated a pure love for the Lord that works itself out as obedience (1 John 1).

    As an idealist, pictures of persevering and enduring always look like a dramatic illustration for Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. It always surprises me how plain old HARD it is. And long. And not much light at the end of the tunnel. (That’s what makes it persevering.)

    These are all general responses. I’d be so, so happy to converse more, and shoot me an email if you’d like.


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