napping with pooh

Usually nap time is a nice routine of potty, books, being tucked in, and a song. Today it was [loudly] abbreviated by a hysterical baby who made it clear that his nap was more important than our lovely little storytime. Jameson handled the interruption graciously and laid right down, and I took William to the living room to nurse.

A few minutes of silence, and then I heard some movement from the bedroom. Then the pages of a book being turned. I smiled. And I sort of envied him for that moment. Oh, the magic of a quiet spot and a book’s illustrations when you’re a little one!

I snapped this picture after everyone had fallen asleep. Who says you have to cuddle soft stuffed animals, anyway?

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  1. brietta

    That is so cute that he’ll fall asleep like that! (None of my kids– so far, anyway– will fall asleep at all if I let them have a book in bed. They’ll just keep looking at it until I finally let them get up.)

  2. Danica

    @bri: I definitely keep my ear open for the sounds of sleep. So far, I haven’t had to confiscate any books, because he konks right out. But I’m waiting for the day that two hours later, I come to wake him up only to find he’s been reading every book in his room!

  3. Renee

    That is really cute, and like Brietta’s kids Asher (so far) would never fall asleep with books in bed! We often find him after putting him to bed up with the light reading his Bible picture book in bed and saying all the names and pretend reading it. It’s kinda hard to discipline when he’s reading his Bible, right?!?!, at least it is for us!

  4. brietta

    Well, enjoy this time! I’ve always thought kids falling asleep after/while looking at illustrations/reading is just the sweetest bedtime routine… and I still hope that eventually we’ll get there. :)


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