get to: the color edition (with a fixed link!)

A few things I’ve “gotten to” enjoy lately…

diapers on the line, colors arranged in a way that makes me smile, every morning.

happy flower faces

chopped and ready for dinner: the bounty of a nearby farm. (read what it became here.)

3 Comments get to: the color edition (with a fixed link!)

  1. Dottie

    Carina, Lovely pictures!! However, not sure if it’s me or your end but I am unable to click on “here” to find out what your yummy vegetables and greens became!! Thanks!! Blessings to all of you!! Keep up the good “mothering” you are providing those 2 beautiful little boys!! P.S. Your posts have been so inspiring…… especially “enough, and more.” Thanks so much for these awesome posts you have provided!

  2. Danica

    Dottie: All better now! Thanks for the heads-up! And thanks, too, for the encouraging words you leave for me. I am so blessed and encouraged.


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