On Tuesday, the girls and I (and the boys, of course) took a trip to Filoli, an estate built in 1915. It was a wonderful day: gorgeous architecture, over-the-top rooms, an awesome kitchen (that I totally want!), and amazing gardens and grounds.

(All photos were taken by Camilla. DELEGATION ROCKS!)

Kinda makes you want to see what’s inside, right?

But that wasn’t the only amazing building on the premises. There was also the garden house:

And then, of course, there were the gardens. Oh yes. Hours and hours of gardens.

But what you really want to see are the babes, right?

(More pictures here.)

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  1. brietta

    I’m willing to be corrected, naturally, but I can’t help thinking that William is looking more and more and more like you, Danica!

  2. Stacie

    Off topic, but Seth has the same tee Jameson is wearing in the above photo, which somehow makes it even cooler to him. I also bought the lobster shirt that William has on in your last post for Elaina when I first found out I was expecting. (It was cheap and I didn’t know she was a girl yet. She doesn’t wear it of course. ;)

    Anyhow, isn’t a sister-visit just the best?

  3. nancy

    gorgeous pics. I love looking through other people’s houses. Especially the houses of the extravagantly rich.
    (Great job, delegated photographer!)

    The boys are perfectly beautiful. I can hardly wait to see them! So grown!

    The kitchen made me drool. All those cabinets! The work space! The oven! Oh my.
    Very dangerous to see all that when we are planning a major kitchen remodel….

    love you!

  4. diane

    Oh yea, that is cool to do a virtual tour through a CA estate from my meager premises!
    Gives me creative energy to do a photo-tap!
    And I do love to idea-steal from rooms and gardens! (I’m making up words here, but you know
    what I mean!) loveya!

  5. MaryBeth Loewen

    What an amazing place! (and lovely photography I must say!) Thanks for sharing. I lived in CA for most of my life and never had seen this place, it has made it on the maybe list of places to visit on our CA vacation.


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