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This is the last week of the girls’ visit.

I can’t decide if I’m sad or glad, since the end of their visit means the beginning of my visit back home. That should just make me glad all around, but I’d be gladder (yes, gladder) if they were also coming back here with me at the end of my NY trip. But they’re not. When we fly out of JFK in August, it will just be the four of us, me and my three boys, and when we land on this Opposite Coast, we’ll be on our own. Walks and errands and chores and life will be all on my lonesome again. And I just like it all a bit better when there are these lovely girls in the picture.

It’s been fun.

This last week has also been a bit of a sleeper, since more often than not, someone has been a tad under the weather. And on the days when we are feeling well, the temperatures have been ridiculously high, leaving us all wilted, sitting in front of fans, willing the day and its intense sun away. So not so many crazy events.

Just a few, like:

:: taking the girls to Carmel-By-The-Sea, and then on the drive of a lifetime. I speak, of course, of Highway 1 to Big Sur. Incredible. Windy, whippy, and awe-inspiring.

Aren’t they cute?

:: finally going out for dinner, just Ryan and me, for our anniversary. (Four years!) It was oo-la-la fancy. Two whole hours just disappeared as we ate beautiful food and talked. (I know, I know. I’m such a girl. Wives and their talking.) Just in case anyone’s interested, the scallops were the best I’ve ever tasted, I ordered squab because I watch too much Top Chef and had to grab this prime opportunity to taste something I never even see on a menu, and the chocolate souffle is as decadent as it looks on their website. (Don’t you wish that was your spoon, dipping into that chocolatey goodness?) We tried taking a picture of ourselves, but I guess this is the only one we ended up with:

(Thanks, girls, for our special night out alone!)

:: and last, but most definitely not least, there are the events of yesterday and today — days that were supposed to be restful, quiet, and cool. But oh, no, Jameson made sure there were Events. Like yesterday — when he woke up from his nap ridiculously early, crept into the girls’ bed, smeared an entire tube of lipstick all over their bags, clothes, sheets, and the wall, ransacked the closet of their suitcases, my fabric, and the wrapping paper, and was about to start cutting into that wrapping paper with my incredibly sharp embroidery scissors just as Camilla walked by. Oh, I loved that Event!! And today, when it seemed far too quiet, I sent Liana to check on my sweet little boy, and she found him lounging outside on our patio furniture, with a jar of peanut butter, happily eating that peanut butter by plunging his entire hand into the jar. Oh, and we’re not talking the nice creamy Peter Pan stuff. Oh, no, this is the all-natural, runny, drippy, globs all over the place peanut butter.

Is anyone interested in a 2-year-old Events Coordinator? I think my life needs a little break from his Events!

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  1. Dottie

    Oh my goodness!!! That picture is just beautiful….with the beautiful sky in the background and ocean!! It almost looks like a photograph that is “touched up” and not completely real!! Gorgeous!! Enjoy these days with your sisters and God bless you on your trip back home!

  2. Angela Sundara...etc

    Wow Danica. It’s not often I hear of such 2yo shinanigans. (ok, sometimes mine our up to it, but my brain dutifully represses those memories) Just think, someday you’ll look back and laugh. Just so you don’t feel alone, I want you to know that I purchase Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers in bulk. Yeah, BULK! ;-)

  3. LisaC.

    I’ve always been curious about Carmel-by-the-Sea since Amanda and Tyler love it so much. Grammy has a beachhouse there and she always encourages them to go spend time. It sounds LOVELY!


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