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He cracks me up:

Me: “‘A man named Jairus had a daughter –‘.”” Pause. “Jameson, do you know what a ‘daughter’ is?”

Him: “Yeah. Like a dentist.”



An airplane flies overhead.

“We have to fly on a airplane, go to Nana and Papa’s.”

I nod. Yup, we have to fly.

Pause. Then he looks at me with twinkling eyes.

“Let’s do it, Mom! After naps!”


Randomly, out of the blue, “Papa is my sister, Mom.”

Okay, so we need to work on familial relationships.


And where on earth did he learn this one?

Me: “Time for naps, bud. Let’s go inside.”

Him: “Let’s roll!” (Pronounced “Yetz woe.”)

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