:: I’ve been taking care of an under-the-weather Jameson. And marveling at the long, scrawny boy he’s become. He’s been talking about his birthday for months now, and a couple of weeks ago, amazed me by holding up three fingers and telling me that’s how old he’ll be. Who taught him that?? He can’t wait. What does he want for his birthday?



on tip-toes, watching the lawn crew

:: I’ve been smiling at William’s chubby California-baby toes. Nice and brown. And adorable. I could eat them. I’ve also been laughing lots, thanks to his constant attempts at humor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby so eager to laugh and make laugh. It’s awesome.

There have been lots of frustrated cries the last couple of weeks, because he gets down on his belly and then is stuck. I smile as I watch those brown toes pushing against the floor for all they’re worth, trying so desperately to move forward. But I get a little catch in my heart, too. Remember my new baby William? Well, he disappeared before I even had a chance to notice. And I love this little guy who excitedly reads books with me, does adorable dances to any and all music, and belly-laughs at his brother’s [naughty] antics, but. But.

chubby toes

:: I’ve been looking forward to Ryan’s return from work each evening. Some weeks don’t seem quite so long, but this one has, and I just like it so much better when he’s around. So do my boys. And did I mention that he watched both boys here at home last Sunday while I went to see Julie and Julia and then went out for dinner? Yes, he did. I was very, very blessed. He tells me in a million ways how much he loves me.

out with his boys

:: I’ve been thinking about joy. Actually, that’s always on my mind after a trip back home. There are just so many people who have purposed to live out joy, people who I know have been around the block a few times, people who just set their sites more firmly on the prize to come — and somehow that infuses here and now with joy.

It doesn’t come naturally for me, this joy thing. There’s a tad too much pessimism and idealism in there. (How is it that I ended up with all the cons of my temperament, while she got all the pros?) But the good news is that the Scripture’s command to rejoice is just that: a command. Do joy.

I want to do joy. There’s just so much life in the exuberance of pure, Jesus-inspired joy. It’s battery-charging to be around, you know? Shouldn’t our countenance remind fellow pilgrims of our journey’s destination, and speak of Good News to the world?

Loving this quote on joy.

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