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I love seasonal decorating. (Hmm, wonder where I got that from??) Breaking out the autumn decor is especially fun, since there’s that whole shift to the indoors that occurs as the temperature cools. And right up there with decor is food. Who doesn’t love the smell of chicken soup, banana bread, apple sauce, and pumpkin pie oatmeal (which has taken the world by storm this week!)?

So, it goes without saying that I love to set my table with seasonal things! This year, I decided that what I really need are some everyday fall placemats that can be wiped clean after each meal. I didn’t have the money to actually buy any, but I did have this tutorial bookmarked, a new pile of cardstock in lots of colors, contact paper, and an hour last Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes making do works just fine.

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  1. Keila

    And you are talking about my lunch today? Wow, I have always whined about not being able to buy any wipe-able placemats and hadn’t even considered the possibility of making them! They look great!

  2. darlenesinclair

    Making do — being the mother of creativity — is the best way to come up with unique, fun, memory-making, totally perfect for you things! Way to go!
    I am still wiping off our Mary Englebreit placemats everyday, thinking of each precious person they represent. Merrick laments that there is not one for him. I’ll need to rectify that, I do believe. But he loves seeing each one and knows who they all belong to! Yours with the garden and girl sporting braids of red-orange, Brietta’s with the little girl making the cozy house all neatly organized, Carina’s with a girl leading an enthusiastic friendship, the patriotic boy for Jamie, Louissa’s artist girl painting and making her space full of fun and creativity, Julia’s girl plunking her heart in the jar of life as she heads out the door, Liana’s little twinkle-eyed girl spending time amongst friends, and Camilla’s dimpled babe caring for silver bells and cockle shells. Well, as you can see, I still adore them all!
    Love you~


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