a jameson anecdote

Preface: Jameson has recently been quite interested in mustaches. He doesn’t see many, this not being 1986, and perhaps that’s why they are so fascinating to him? At any rate, he points out every one he sees.


So, the other day the boys and I walked down to the store. They were in the stroller, quietly taking in the world, which happened to include one very kind older man who was out mowing his lawn. He stopped the engine when we walked by, and waved to the boys. I thought what a kind face he had, with those bushy eyebrows so typical of old men, and twinkling eyes sparkling beneath. I was lost in thought, pondering what kind of life he may have had, watching the Bay Area boom, when I heard Jameson laughing.

“Mom! That man had his mustache up here [points to his eyebrows] instead of down here [points to his upper lip]! That’s so funny! On his eyes, not his mouth!” And he laughed and laughed.

And I did, too.

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