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Ben and Regina — a young couple at church — have a little boy, about 18 months old. Jonathan was born extremely prematurely, and his life is a miracle. About a month ago, Regina gave birth to a sister — after being on strict bed rest for quite awhile and finally making it past that magic 24-week mark. Today I saw them in church for the first time since the baby was born. When I went over to offer my congratulations, and tell Regina how good it was to see her after praying for her and the baby girl for so long, they shared this with me: a week after their little girl was born, Jonathan was diagnosed with late stage liver cancer. He’s two days into his first round of chemo. The preemie baby girl is still in the hospital, but they wanted to get Jonathan to church today before he’s too sick from the treatment to go. Had his condition been discovered earlier, there would be no doubt about a positive outcome. As it is, however, they find themselves in a very fearful place.

If you think of it, would you pray for little Jonathan and his parents? My heart broke when they told me, and the least I can do is ask for prayer on their behalf.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    A sad tear at the battle they face. A reminder of who God is. A knowing of the heart-felt emotions of a mom with new little babes.
    My heart is filled, my mind ushers prayer, my spirit-man rallies with faith in Him who loves infinitely more than we imagine.

    Thank you, Lord, for Your faithful love toward this little bodied man-child. And watch over this premature baby girl. Impart strength and grace to this couple as You hold their hearts, their lives, their needs in Your almighty hands. You alone are worthy of our trust, our hopes, our confidences. Amen.”

  2. jean dunphey

    My prayers will go to them. Bless them and all that the have gone through and may they stay strong for what is ahead.


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