catch up

A whole week of quiet here.

That’s what happens when my world goes into overdrive, I guess.

We had an absolutely wonderful, full-of-good-memories weekend (last week) with Ryan’s dad and step-mom. William was dedicated at church. My sister lost her baby. Thanksgiving was busy and full and fun. William pulled a few all-nighters thanks to more teething. The weekend was more fullness and fun and family time.

My hands, my head, my heart: they’ve all been busy.

And it can’t slow down just yet. A few days for laundry, errands, and packing — and then a month in New York. Can’t wait.

(william’s dedication)

(thanksgiving day)


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  1. Carina

    William is beautiful.

    I have tears in my eyes just thinking about you coming home. I miss you.

    We will have to have a re-do of last night’s “soup party” with you around. It was fun.

  2. Randi Young

    From the picture of the stage you are standing on it looks like a really big church! I was just curious. :) We’re actually going to be taking a road trip next summer to California. My sister in law will be attending Grad school there and we are taking her! :)


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