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Outside, a storm is blowing and swirling, and from my cozy chair, the drama of white flakes on gray sky is beautiful. (It’s not as pretty when you’re driving in it.) My littlest brother worried about the possibility of a brown and drab Christmas, but this week’s weather has provided us with the winter wonderland he’s been hoping for.

Jameson is in heaven. He’s always loved being here, but this time I think he’s enjoying it more than ever. He flits in his zest-for-life sort of way from room to room, thrilled to find that here at Nana’s house, there’s someone doing something fun in almost every corner of the house. He helps with stirring the pancake batter, stringing the electric guitar, making snow angels, and consuming hot chocolate. Movies, books, games, and light sabers, not to mention a doting aunt at every turn — this is heaven. His eyes are constant sparkle, and as he recounts his days to me, I hear sheer happiness.

William felt snowflakes on his eyelashes for the first time this afternoon, and his baffled and delighted expression was priceless. He stretched out his arms and turned his face to the sky, while fluffy white gathered on his upturned chubby hands. Yesterday and today, he was left with a friend and an uncle while I went to a concert and a luncheon, and he did fine. This is definitely new! The Christmas tree is all magic to him, but the highlight of this trip, so far, is Louissa’s yellow bird in the white cage hanging in the corner of the kitchen. William is enthralled with Gigi.

And me? I’ve been to the salon for a haircut, to my sisters’ houses for cookie decorating and chats, a concert featuring the Vienna Boys’ Choir, and to church; I’ve decorated a tree, watched movies in a candlelit family room, Christmas shopped with my mama, and snuggled my babies without the cares of a household to maintain. Tonight there will be a little birthday celebration with my two lovely longtime friends who may as well be sisters. And of course, there will be parties and dinners and sing-alongs and impromptu game nights. I wish everyone could celebrate Christmas and family here. It’s the best.

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  1. Michelle

    It sounds simply beautiful! How blessed you are to be surrounded with such gifts from God. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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