2010: how we greeted the new year

…but we’re on the mend!

5 Comments 2010: how we greeted the new year

  1. nancy hull

    oh…that is too NICE of a bowl for this (ahem) —situation.
    Try a faded orange tupperware bowl. That was our family “tradition”…..

    glad to hear you are all on the mend!

  2. sam

    Yeah, we used a Tupperware container as well. So much so that sometimes, when we’re trying to gauge a size of container to send someone out in the garage to fetch, we still refer to it as “the barf bucket”.

    Glad you are home safe and sound and are all on the mend. Tummy bugs can still put me over the edge. :)

  3. darlenesinclair

    A Tupperware bowl is altogether fine, but I submit that I would rather clean a porcelain or metal bowl from such usage in terms of feeling as though it were really clean. Yucky germs…

  4. Dottie

    Oh, no, no, no!! You ALL have it wrong!! The easiest and BEST way is to use a small wastebasket (like in your bathroom) with small wastebasket plastic bags/liners!! You just through each (germy, barfy) bag away and put a new one in the wastebasket as needed!! Less germs! Less mess!! No rinsing in the sink and spreading of germs!! It’s the BEST way!! Blessings and prayers that this will be quick for you all!!


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