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We’ve been working on our first vegetable garden.

Ryan did the tilling…

… and I did the planting.

Our new lights were installed in the kitchen.


… two!

I got our guest room emptied of boxes and set up for company…

… and I cut fresh flowers for the house.

Just in case you think it’s all girly and flowery around here:

Aren’t they cute?

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  1. Sevi

    Aww! You used my table runner! Thank you :)))

    Kids a re super cute as always. William looks as big as Jameson :-D

    House looks great. It looks like a cozy boutique hotel ideal for long weekends like this coming one. Emre loved the dining table.

    P.S. Life’s clock seems to be ticking at a slower pace there. Would you consider adopting me? :)))

  2. nancy

    The lights look fantastic!! Wow. (Did Ben do that?)
    I love the look of everything in your home,,,,even the little cowboys. So sweet!

  3. brietta

    Okay, WHERE are you getting all these flowers from? 3 years into gardening, and I still don’t have “enough” garden to make big bouquets!

  4. Danica

    @Sevi: I will gladly adopt you! Please come asap, and you can sleep as long as you need to in that lovely yellow room, okay? :-)

    @Nance: Yup, “Benjamin” (what Jameson called him all day) hung those lights. How nice to know that they would be perfectly aligned, just the way I asked.

    @Bri: Umm, I took them from Mom’s garden, of course! :-) I just pretend I live in a really yuppie place and have a flower farm down the road. A flower farm that doesn’t charge, of course. Well, actually, I figure that I’ve paid my dues and have earned the right to many, many years of cut flowers. Ha!

  5. Andrea Hawkins

    Hey I remember that chest of drawers that you have in the guest room…….but it’s A LOT whiter from when it was at our house! :) The house is looking great and those boys are growing too fast. I can’t wait to sleep in that beautiful yellow room. :)

  6. Dottie


    LOVE the pictures and your adorable family and home! I just have to make a “funny” comment, however. Growing up in a large family (9 kids) myself and being a big tomboy, my thoughts go back to all the aggravation I caused my mom with my extreme energy and antics!! Just a few of the things I did in our home; throwing balls in the house, doing cartwheels and twirling batons ALL the time (I really wanted to be a majorette!!), which resulted in broken light fixtures more than once!!! ;o) All I can think about when I look at those “awesome” (they are beautiful) new lights you have are two little boys, being very curious and perhaps, rebellious, and swinging at them with a baseball bat or something to see if they will break!! ;o) I, after all, had 4 brothers, as well!! I’m just sayin’!!! ;o)


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