our week

Our week without Ryan was:

a check-up for Jameson (“What a strong, intelligent young boy you have, mom,” said the doctor. Well. That’s rather obvious, isn’t it?)

annuals, perennials, and mulch from the nursery.

weeding, spraying, planting, mulching.

bike-riding, baseball, bike-riding, basketball, bike-riding, little people, and bike-riding.

books and snuggles and a slow morning or two.

playdates with friends. (pb&j is so much more fun when shared, isn’t it?)

a sweet auntie who slept in our yellow guest room and helped keep the boogey man at bay.

only making dinner when I felt so inclined, and especially being glad to have had the inclination for this.

the farmer’s market, and two little boys who love running through the park after that long, arduous ordeal of selecting salad greens. (“Look, Mom, the pay-gus!”, exclaims Jameson. That would asparagus, for all of you who were wondering.)

a special make-memories night of lots of kid games, rolling out pizza dough with a pint-sized rolling pin, and bedtime stories with auntie.

missing Ryan, but deciding to love a week with these two boys I love (which isn’t too hard to do, you know.) Because we may have other weeks to ourselves, but they won’t be this age, doing these things. And right now is pretty much as special as it gets. I am challenged every single day, but the truth is, being a mother to two little guys, my little ducklings who follow me wherever I go, is just amazing.

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