flying by

Our first summer here is… flying by. Rooms that still need to be settled, first attempts at gardening, guests coming and going, sisters buying houses, friends buying houses, and trying to fit in “summer stuff” in all the cracks (sort of unsuccessfully, it seems) has made for busy weeks. I swear the fields were just being plowed, and then yesterday I looked, and the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.

I don’t mind, really, because it’s fun and real and life. I only mind when I realize it’s Jameson’s last few months as a three year old and *choke on tears* I want him to stay little forever.

The summer of 1 and 3 — that’s how I keep thinking of this. So incredibly special.

Jameson and Merrick at a parade on the 4th:

William at the parade — a little on the hot side:

Jameson in Carina’s new pool (and yes, I did eventually get him into the water!:

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  1. krista crumpton

    Looks like you are enjoying your summer! We are having a summer of 3 and 1 also! They are fun ages!
    We are in the States right now, we plan to be at my parents’ the week of July 26. Maybe we will see you around!


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