happy birthday

Could it really be that we’ve already spent four whole years together, you as my babe, me as your mama?

Jameson is as fun as a boy can be — excited, determined, resourceful, hospitable, impulsive, creative, and recently, a great storyteller. Legos are his new obsession, although scissors, glue, and paper will hold his attention for as long as I let them. If you ask him any question about any Bible story, his first answer will probably be, “Umm, Jesus?”, and I just laugh. He sits and stares out the window at breakfast, and then will burst into a rousing, never-ending version of “Tomorrow.” Speaking of belting out songs, his new favorite show is Olivia, and yesterday I heard him singing along to the intro (which is really great, by the way), “Ah-yi-bee-a!” (Yup, he still has lots of unique pronunciation.) His little heart is so earnest and his little desires are so strong.

He’s just an amazing person.

He adores — no, really, I mean, adores — his daddy. He will kindly take William’s hand and help him along; he loves his brother. And while moments of stillness and cuddles are fewer and farther between, he still will give me a kiss and tell me that he “yuvs” me.

Happy birthday, Jameson. Your mama yuvs you, too.

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  1. Jen Trelease

    Happy Birthday, Jameson!!! Wow. Time flies! I remember visiting him with Andy and Carol after you got home from the hospital in your first apartment! We can’t wait to see you guys tonight (or tomorrow! =) I think we saw you last at Carina’s wedding? We miss you! See ya soon! =)

  2. jeannie dunphey

    This picture looks just like the young man you described. I love the look he has on his face. Just so happy and perfect.


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