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It’s been way too many years (okay, only 3, but still…) since I experienced fall on the East Coast. And oh, how I love it. And I’ve never known autumn to arrive so on cue. I swear, the trees were all a dull green on September 20, and then September 21 — BAM! Orange! Red! Everywhere!

After haircuts on the afternoon of the 21st, we couldn’t help but be struck by the bright, almost neon, orange maple trees across the street from my sister’s salon. Actually, it was Jameson who was struck:

“Look! Mom! Those trees are orange! Do you see that, Mom?”

“Beautiful, huh? Isn’t it amazing?”

Pause while he takes in the wonder.

“Mom, I never saw that before!”

And it’s true, I realized. He hasn’t ever seen a gorgeous, dressed-for-autumn maple tree. And he’s totally in love with this transformation happening all around us, and happily made a little bouquet of red leaves for our table. Perfect.


Of course, along with dramatic gray skies spread over vibrant foliage, the sniffles have also arrived. We had a good, long night of interrupted sleep that ended with Mama and two stuffed up boys all “sleeping” together.

This morning called for warm cornmeal mush, cozy new socks, and a candle. Not so bad, right?


And then there’s this adorableness of Jameson suddenly deciding to set up a hotel. He’s got a little makeshift counter, an old computer keyboard, and he sweetly asks, “Would you like a bedroom?” (type, type, type.) “Okay, five dollars.” (type, type, type.) Then he leads his customer (William, 9 times out of 10), to one of our rooms. Although just now, I heard him lead William to our hall closet, open the doors, and say, “Here’s our elevator. Will this be okay, or do you want another elevator?”

And of course, William just agrees with it all: “Da.”

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