christmas 2010

My two little boys are still playing their way through the stash of new gifts. Jameson successfully followed the directions to build his first Lego set, and William has won every round of alphabet bingo we’ve played. World maps have been assembled, Toy Story figures flown through the house, and lots of books read by the fire. Have two boys ever been so thoroughly indulged?

We celebrated our first Christmas Eve in our own home this year, and enjoyed having my grandparents here to share it with us. We woke up to stuffed stockings at our own fireplace, and then scurried to pile presents and breakfast and ourselves into the van so we could join the festivities at my parent’s house. It was a wonderful, relaxing day of just being together. And, of course, of yummy food and lovely tables.

The highlight of this Christmas season, though, was finding out that Baby #3 is due this summer! Jameson, especially, has been asking and asking about another baby (“Mom, don’t you want more boys? Like, ten? Wouldn’t that be fun, Mom?”). Boy or girl, we definitely think this will be fun.

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  1. diane

    Christmas is a wonderful time to contemplate the miracle of babies!
    So best wishes to you all – but explain to Jameson that 10 boys is, well really a rather lot!
    But how terrific they are – lots of love!

  2. Steph

    So, what’s funny is this: We’ve never met. But a couple of months ago when your posts took a turn for the less-frequent [which is FINE and is just an observation :)] i thought to myself “I wonder if those Dunpheys are having another baby.” :)

    Blessings to you all. I come here for parenting encouragement and mentoring, and I get them both from you.



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