love that pursues

I think often to myself:


This doesn’t make Him flowery or feminine or greeting-card worthy.

God’s ideas on love are not summed up by chocolates, red roses, and picnics at sunset.

When the Scriptures say God is love, it means that He is always and continually





even when we don’t want to be pursued. It’s just the nature of God’s love. Who can stop it?

I lay my head on my pillow at night, knowing that as I sleep (recognizing my frailty and the fact that I, in fact, do not hold my world in my hands), GOD is LOVE. And He is, even as we sleep, PURSUING.

I sleep a lot better with that thought to hold onto.

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  1. Daniel Farrow

    This is a truth that I wish had caught on to at a much younger age, but I’m glad that God’s jealous heart for me never stopped pursuing me until He caught me up with the same thought. Thanks for sharing.


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