I’ve been:

to Maine and back for a fast and furious and very fun weekend with Ryan’s mom and sister.

sewing a ball gown for Cinderella. It’s awfully fun to work on something so detailed and beautiful (for someone who usually is just cutting up old polos to make play pants!)

bundling up to go outside, even though it’s mid-April. The only problem with this extremely slow season change is that somehow I have the sensation that time is standing still, waiting for the sun. It’s not.

marveling at the imaginations of my two boys that have suddenly come alive. All at once, in the last month or so, they are best buddies who will play for hours.

thankful for how joyful those two little boys are. They smile and dance and laugh and cheerfully anticipate almost every moment of the day. It’s pretty amazing, and I don’t want to take it for granted.

thinking about the basics: faith in God (and Him alone), digging into this moment and not missing the opportunity to find Jesus, serving my family with a smile, honoring my husband and being mindful of him every moment, praying continually.

anticipating several nights of presbytery at church, followed by a Good Friday celebration and then, of course, the Best Sunday Of All.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Love you, love your family and home, love God for His marvelous creation which includes all of them!


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