jameson is five

:: loves Olivia, Richard Scary, Toot and Puddle, and Swiss Family Robinson — and loves that he knows his letters well enough to find favorite shows on our list of DVR’d recordings.

:: plays all day long with William. They are best buds (and don’t even know it yet, which is so sweet to me. They just are.) Takes care of him when needed, delights in the opportunity to teach him big boy tricks.

:: could spend all day in the family room with a small box of Legos or a few sets of Playmobil. He loves those toys!

:: beams whenever he can accurately recite a scripture verse. He still has the most sunshiney smile. His eyes light up.

:: pats my shoulder or my knee out of the blue, which means I love you. It almost makes me cry every time.

:: has become obsessed with climbing trees, for better or for worse. He’s grown into such a big boy in the last few months.

:: is slowly learning numbers and letters and refining his fine motor skillz.

:: eats up the Little House read aloud times we share at naps every day. He’s never gotten quite so “into” a book before. It’s so fun to literally see his little imagination taking in every word, picturing every scene.

:: carries more and more responsibility around the house. We’ve finally moved from “doing chores because it’s good for your character” to “doing chores and actually helping to lighten my load.” I’m really grateful — and listening to him sing away as he empties the garbages or dusts the family room is more sunshine to my heart.

:: is tall, strong, energetic, a bit bossy, funny, observant, aesthetic, imaginative, resourceful, and a million other wonderful things.

I just love this oldest boy of mine. He’s a keeper.

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  1. Lore

    oh my goodness. okay. now i’m crying just a little bit. just a bit. i cannot believe how old he is! and what a joy he is to you. i love that. what a blessing you have =)


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