rainy days

Today it is raining. Not just here and there, or overcast with a chance, but really and truly raining. All day long. Soft, steady. Cool, soaking. Dreary, you could say, although today I’m just seeing it as slow. Slow is very good sometimes. Stuck inside is very good.

Rain in April is the way it should be. As I changed my mind about a quick trip to the Post Office (with 6 huge, unwieldy boxes in steady rain? No thanks.), I remembered again the very beginning of a favorite book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. We complain about rain because it ruins our plans, upsets our mood, whatever — not remembering that the weather is about so much more than just us. Today we’re all trapped indoors (or perhaps very unfortunately find ourselves outdoors), but the ground is so happily soaking, drinking, absorbing every life-giving drop that falls from the gray, moody sky. The earth needs rain. More, we need the earth to have rain.

How silly we are: we complain about rain in April, and then complain about slim pickings at the Farmer’s Market in June. The world is much bigger than you or me and our momentary happiness. And so I try (and often fail, but still try) to think about lettuces, tomatoes, fresh garlic, peppers, herbs, and be thankful for these earth-soaking days.

Beatrice waves. And while she waves, she says the vowel sound she hears in “Hiiii!” and “Byyyyye!” She also claps — holds one hand high in front of her face and very awkwardly manages to slap it with her other hand. This is usually accompanied by a very pleased, very over-the-top grin. Right now, she has emptied the duplo basket, turned it up on its side, and is trying her best to get in it. How does it happen so fast? I know — I’m a broken record.

rested and ready for the day

meeting Primrose for the first time

Jameson walked by the potted hydrangea on the table and said, very confidently, “I like the color of that flower, but I just don’t like the shape. It’s just kind of — it’s a weird shape.” That child has no lack of opinions when it comes to how things ought to look.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    That Jameson is one design conscious little man. Amazing to see such talent so absolutely sticking out!

    Grandma Cline would never have guessed that Primrose would provide pleasure for so many years and generations. I loved her, you loved her, and now Beatrice. Grandma Cline always seemed to know classic values.

    Love that you are writing, even about rainy days!

  2. Keila

    What a treat to read your lines two days in a row, and can zi say how excited I am to anticipate the following posts? I feel more and more encouraged to pick up mine!


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