wii party!

Jameson is overflowing with ideas. Always. This is simultaneously fun and exhausting. I’d say mostly fun, but at the age of 5, when his ideas include things like carrying full gallons of milk through your carpeted kitchen and washing the cars with old crumpled tin foil, exhausting is right up there. It’s awesome!

Anyway, one of his ideas was to have a Wii party. A big one with lots of friends and food and all that stuff. He was a bit reigned in by his mother, who insisted we keep the party list to a reasonable number (which means we’ll probably have round 2 and 3 and 4…!), but otherwise, I tried very hard to do things the way he imagined it being done. He has many, many good ideas.

So at last, the day arrived. Nine little boys, two Wii stations, pb&j (which they all hurrah-ed and immediately became my favorite kids in the world), and Star Wars sugar cookies. It was so much fun. What great kids.

(More here.)

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