This morning the boys woke up and quickly donned crocs and sweatshirts (in “secret”, with my help, and lots of whispers and asking me to plug my ears…)

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. We were able to visit friends and sit in their yard for hours, watching kids play. Then a party celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of a dear friend from Cameroon (with amazing, amazing food. Wow.)

The boys and I walked home from church today. I just couldn’t get in the car when I stepped out of church and smelled spring. Now they’re napping, my husband and brother are hashing out javascript issues, and I’ve just cut a fresh bunch of daffodils. Down the road, sisters are preparing dinner for all of the local Sinclair members — a gift to Brietta and me for Mother’s Day.

And actually, all of these things — birds singing, baby kisses, washing dirty feet before bed, a house that is home even if it’s a bit messy — so many things are gifts.

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  1. Liv

    I love this. I hope the rest of the day is just as wonderful as the first part, I’m sure it will be. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the very best moms I know!!! :)


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