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Sometimes, June days greet with you with a wave of heat and stickiness that sends you running for water or AC. Sometimes, they greet you with breezes that raise goosebumps in seconds and sending you running for a favorite cardigan. This, I think, is because God loves us all. Can you guess which of those days is my favorite?


Hand-to-the-plow is how Sinclair girls tend to turn out. “Resting” means 20 minutes of reading before we finally stop trying, hop up and start pulling a weed, fluffing a pillow, and generally finding things to do. Sometimes, though (and I’m getting better at this), it’s a day for putting kids in the car and leaving house and chores far behind. It’s a day for visiting a sister two hours away just because I love her. So we both slow down for one whole day, busying ourselves with just being sisters. Driving home at dusk through rolling farmland is, by the way, the best early summer activity.


Meals have been heavy on asparagus for the last couple of weeks. Get while the getting is good, right? Here in the North Country, the getting is at its best. This is when I start thinking about food almost all day long: where are the strawberries, when to order sour cherries from the Amish farmer, CSA pick ups beginning, how many eggs can we eat in a day because they’re so good, buy more beef because it’s hamburger season. For these few short months of summertime heaven, you can eat almost completely local.

If you’re local, may I recommend this for lunch?

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Omelet

2 eggs from Maddie, with a splash of milk, s+p

5 asparagus from the Kingston’s, trimmed and sauteed in olive oil and s+p until bright green

Garlic and Onion goat cheese from Jesse Barton

Put it all together —

Serve with bread from the co-op.

Absolutely scrumptious.

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