Our Christmas Eve was so fun. We had a very early dinner down the road at my sister’s house, got dressed in our holiday best (which the boys just love to do — Jameson even managed to find a bowtie to up the ante this year!), and attended the Candlelight Service. We get to sing carols accompanied by a small orchestra, listen to a choir and soloists, hear the Christmas Story read by young children, and hold a candle as we sing Silent Night and let the weight of His gift amaze us again.

We drank eggnog (which the boys also love), ate cookies, and listened to Daddy read the Christmas Story. Excited children exchange gifts purchased for each other. They opened new pj’s and got dressed. We tucked them into bed in spite of their confident assertions that they just would not be able to sleep.

And then we worked on our very first large, assembly-required gift for the kids. It was a late night, but we were so excited to be able to bless these kids in this way. (Every year is different.) A father loves to give good gifts — we’ve learned that from the Very Best.

Sure enough, when excited kids woke us early Christmas morning, there was pure joy. And they got right to work preparing cups of coffee for Daddy and me. I love, love, love these kids.

Mom, please notice what William immediately did with the dishtowel!

Outside, our breathtaking gift from a Glorious Creator:

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  1. jeannie dunphey

    How wonderful every moment so very special. love this. Thanks Danica. Looks like a winning gift all around
    Where is Beatrice. Did she sleep through her special kitchen

  2. Andrea

    Where’s the baby doll carriage? And where is your Baby? Love it all, you make it seem like we’re right there, thanks! Xoxox

  3. Danica

    Diane, we ordered it through, though its actually made by a little toy company in Maine, Elves and Angels. It’s missing knobs in these photos (we were sent the wrong ones!), but we are really happy with it!


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