18 months

Yes, a year and a half with our little girl. She changes and grows so quickly. Her spunk and attitude are keeping us on our toes lately, but she is quite confident that she has the whole house wrapped around her finger. We sure do love her, in spite of (and yes, even because of!) all of her bossy “No!”s.

Since before William was born, I’ve wanted to dress a little girl a la Patricia Polacco. I finally had the inspiration, energy, and quiet afternoon to make the peasant dress and pinafore that have been taking up brain space for way too many years:

Yesterday morning, I put her hair in pigtails. I almost didn’t, because I’d rather be in denial sometimes and continue to call her baby, but I couldn’t resist.

And then, a few hours later, my sister offered a trim and I said yes. Good bye, baby hair and pigtails. Hello, little girl.

A year and a half. Amazing. So fast. And every day, smiles, laughter, challenges, looking into her eyes and marveling that God puts these little people into our lives to shepherd and nurture and carefully shape into who He wants them to be.

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  1. Andrea

    Ouch, way too old looking! Whatever happened to the baby? Guess she’s getting ready to be the big sister! Xox


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