filling my days, my heart.

Life unfold all around us:

— birds return, and suddenly, the air is full of activity after a long and silent winter.
— trees form beds, but not before they let their sap run, giving us the maple syrup we enjoy all year.
— snow melts, at last, and boys dig out mud boots for an inaugural tromp through our property.
— bedroom and bath gets emptied of all belongings in preparation for a coat of paint.
— baby adds words to her vocabulary every day, and after 20 months of waking multiple times each night to nurse, suddenly sleeps like a big girl. (I miss her cuddled-up body.)
— family room gets cleaned from top to bottom, and rearranged, and I’m amazed by how much peace it brings.
— baked falafel and homemade pita are my new favorite.
— and so many other little things that make up our alternating simple and busy days.

But I’ll admit, my heart is a bit preoccupied in this season:

blatant dismissal of our Constitution by NY’s governor.
— the same man’s attempt to “lead the country” in abortion expansion.
— a huge population of the Church showing confusion over what, exactly, marriage is (a picture of Christ and the Church, and nothing less.)
— a serial murderer who first got away with his crime for far too long, and now continues to get away with anonymity.
people who are shameless about their agenda to take my children away. (Don’t stay silent.)
336 million murdered since 1971.
— and so much more.

This is the world which God so loved.
These are the sins for which Jesus died.
I need Him.
You need Him.
We need Him.

I love the Lord
Because He hears my prayers and answers them;
Because He bends down and listens.
I will pray as long as I live. Psalm 116

4 Comments filling my days, my heart.

  1. linda

    Our hearts are preoccupied, as well. Thank you for living out the entire gospel. In His love and for His joy, Linda


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