the rest of May:

They all wore shades of green, and desperately wanted to take pictures before church:

Evenings like this are too good to be true. It’s when Ryan and I look at each other and say with our eyes, “These are the best days, aren’t they?”

Sometimes my wild gardening “techniques” — you know, buying a package of seeds at the grocery store, scattering them, and forgetting about it until two years later — ends up working out. I have columbine in such pretty colors this year.

Also, my itty-bitty baby purchases from two years ago are all starting to actually flower. I don’t have to raid Mom’s garden [as much] this year!

Memorial Day is honestly one of my boys’ favorite days of the year. Rain was forecasted, and I cringed. Do you know how long they’ve been waiting to play baseball with Papa and the uncles??, I prayed silently. And it didn’t rain. It was another most beautiful, poignant, fun, easy holidays ever.

May ended with some really hot temperatures. So we bought a “pool”, and the kids had the best weekend of their lives. Pretty much.

And now it’s June. And I’m determined to photograph, blog, or otherwise capture every single day of this family-of-five until we become family-of-six.

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  1. nana nene

    I peeked at these yesterday and attempted to post Beatrice in the pool and the three of them but failed to do it I will attempt to do it again as my friends are awaiting pic. of my visit. I did send them to Ry. but I am sure you never saw them. Thanks these are awesome per usual.


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