We did errands this morning, haircuts at lunchtime, and barely made it home before I had a total hunger meltdown. (I used to skip lunch and not care. Hard to believe, but true. Now, I shake and jitter and get grouchy. Well, I try not to get grumpy. I really do try.)

Then I fell asleep on the couch — out like a light — and when I woke at 3:15 to two handsome little faces watching me, I had enough energy to oblige their request for some beach time.

Three kids. Just me. This equation scares me on paper, but in reality, it works. They play together, they listen and respond quickly, they curb their desire for adventure in order to honor my requests… I am so blessed by these three fun, sweet, full-of-life kiddos.

There are so many times (like yesterday, for example) when I’m feeling pretty stretched by three not-perfect kids who need more grace and wisdom than I, in and of myself, can give.

Then there are afternoons like this one, when their sunshiny attitudes and happy demeanor just bless me. So this is my little note-to-myself. A memory quickly captured. These three kids: they are treasure.

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