Today I woke up to a morning of breeze, sunshine, blue skies, and clear, cool air. Fresh. Refreshing. After a long and humid heat wave, I am very thankful. Throw open the windows and breathe it in.

Today I sat up in bed slowly, stretching my stiff body, moving slowly toward a standing position. There is no more springing out of bed these days. I do my little exercise and laugh when she tells me to “Pull in your belly button till it’s touching your spine.” I’m afraid that’s just not going to happen. Not today.

Today it is Sunday. Children sleep late after a long week of summertime fun. We will get ready for church, but we will not worry too much about morning routines of laundry and such. We will let our souls rest and focus, let our hearts ready themselves for worship. More refreshing.

Today I am 37 weeks along. I feel in my body and know in my head that I’m nearing the end, but still. I can’t quite wrap my mind around how quickly this has all gone, and how soon there will be a new person in our family.

Today my mind flits from one area of my life to another, all in so much need of growth and improvement. My brow creases, my heart feels heavy, and I wonder Will I ever get this? And today, faithfully, just like every other day, the Holy Spirit firmly reminds me of Jesus. So much — all — will be added to me, if I will but let those things fall into their place, and let Jesus take His. His yoke is easy, His burden is light: “Come to Me.”

Today, I come to Jesus.

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  1. nana nene

    Noit only was this an important reminder to me about what was important, when I was goinge to skip my service today because I just went to a full Mass a couple days ago, and had so much to do today. Well, after reading your post, I dressed and went to Mass. While there the Homily and the readings reminded me. The Mass I went to a couple days ago were for a 45 yr. old son of a dear friend/my Realtor- and knowing the cause of his sons death made me again reflect on ” there but for the Grace of God” could have been my son. I am so blessed to have you in my life.
    Home now and enough time to make my house ready for the open house. Love you all.

  2. Andrea

    Sounding as beautiful as you always are. Continue this for the next few wks till another chapter begins…


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