Tonight, my feet are sore. They protest when I require they carry 40 extra pounds around all day.

Ryan has been trying to juggle many things this summer, including our slow but steady bathroom reno. This week, floors are oiled. Tonight, a toilet is installed. Tomorrow, the sink arrives.

We took a walk after dinner this evening. Well, more like a romp through our fields. The mosquitos finally drove us back to our neatly mowed lawn, but watching boys and toddler girl run willy-nilly, laughing and yelling, was worth a few [dozen] bites.

I’m feeling the squeeze to be ready for a new baby — not just the birth, but the life that comes after, which in this case includes birthdays and school year beginnings. I’m trying to stick to my list of what is actually important, since hormones inspire me to do random and crazy overhauls.

I’m also realizing that the squeeze I feel needs to be harnessed and used to bless my family, rather than be allowed to take over and steal joy, peace, and time. We will do our best to pull together and get some things organized. But in the meantime, time does not stand still. My freckled boy is about to turn 7. Seven! And William is going to be 5 right after that, leaving “little boy” status behind. And Beatrice has grown so tall, talks so much, and is so happily independent that I have to go out of my way to snuggle her for a few minutes here and there. Their lives are being lived, and each day is an opportunity to sow Kingdom seed.

I’m thinking lots about being a wise woman who builds her house, and of being a pillar, sculpted in palace style. Strength. Stability. Shelter. Even in the ebb and tide of ninth-month hormones, I am called to be those things. And if I daily choose to abide in the life-giving Vine, the grace and power to fulfill that calling will be there.

I’m also thinking lots about sleep. Which is what I will now indulge in — and my aching feet will thank me!

from our field


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